Merlin Series 5 Review “The Disir” — In Which Arthur Has Been Weighed, Measured and Found Wanting

In this week’s Merlin, Arthur had to face the Court of ‘The Disir’, three Macbeth-like witches who pass on a judgement supposedly cast by the triple goddess, the figurehead of the Old Religion. To be a truly fair king, and to ensure the survival of Camelot, Arthur must accept the Old Religion back into his kingdom.

His hand is being forced somewhat by Mordred, or more specifically an injured Mordred, who only the Disir can save. If Arthur agrees to allow magic back into Camelot, Mordred will presumably live. If Arthur rejects magic, Mordred will presumably die.

Counting on the latter being true, Merlin does something quite shocking. At the perfect moment for a magic reveal, when Arthur is actively seeking Merlin’s thoughts on whether or not he should allow magic back into Camelot, Merlin instead announces that magic has no place in Camelot. Merlin assumes that the Disir will refuse to save Mordred because of this decision, thereby ending the future threat to Arthur’s life, but instead they return to Camelot to find Mordred alive and well…


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Feb 1, 2013 8:13PM EST

I am not sure where to comment so I just do it here; I have a question of logic. When Arthur goes to the three witches he asks them to spare Mordres life. They say if he does not embrace magic the kingdom is lost.(implying, he has to accept to save his friend). Arthur decides against Magic. Returns and finds Mordred alive and well. (who will kill Arthur later and bring doom upon the kingdom..) I get that part. BUT... what if Arthur would have decided to accept Magic, would that mean Mordred would have died? After Merlins logic; yes. But imagine Arthur making the deal to save his friend, accepting magic, then returning to camelot only to find Mordres dead...(who won't be able to kill him anymore) Would he really trust magic? Wouldn't he believe he was cheated and tricked with magic once again? Either way he will not believe Magic means him and the kingdom well.... So isn't the whole thing pointless?

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