Haven Season 3 Review “Magic Hour (Part 1)”

This season of Haven has wasted little time when it comes to developing the mystery it set up at thestart of the season. Of course, as soon as old questions are answered, new questions pop up in their place, but there’s still something extremely satisfying about getting any answers at all. Sure, the truth about who (or what) Audrey Parker is remains the biggest mystery of all, but we’ve been getting some really incredible background on her past lives in this season.

What struck me for the first time in this week’s episode, "Magic Hour (Part 1)" was that the Troubles were not limited to the boundaries of Haven. I suppose I had wrongly assumed that the Troubles only affected people once they were in the local vicinity of Haven and that was part of what made it such a unique little town. All the talk of The Guard’s nationwide relocation efforts paired with what Audrey and Duke discovered during their trip to Colorado made it clear that the Troubles affect (I assume) anyone with a bloodline tied to Haven. There could be people all over the world dealing with the Troubles which gives Audrey’s mystery significantly more weight and urgency. Read More...



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