Homeland Season 2 Review “A Gettysburg Address”

After weeks of posturing, surveillance, and ill-advised trips to hotel rooms, Homeland seems ready to morph from a taut character investigation into a taut action drama. What has happened as a result makes this season of Homeland eerily similar to season one. We have an emotionally unstable intelligence agent that is a little to close to a very ambiguous terrorist suspect. Sure, the roles have shifted a little, but we’re back to wondering exactly what Brody is up to. That place of uncertainty may seem familiar, but Damian Lewis’ performance is no less effective. It’s easy to believe that Brody is under the thumb of the CIA, but this place looks familiar does it not? No one can say that Brody is definitely up to something nefarious, but you should definitely be looking around to see if anyone has their hands on the rug. Read More...



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