The Good Wife Season 4 Review “The Art of War”

This episode of The Good Wife dealt with war on a couple of different levels. There was the obvious political war still raging on. But there was also the more subtle war of women in the military fighting institutionalized sexism.

A few thoughts on "The Art of War":

The case of the week involved a female Army JAG officer, Captain Hellinger, who was assaulted by one of the government contractors in Afghanistan. A JAG judge, Colonel Kuhn, approached Alicia to represent Captain Hellinger in a civil suit because the Army had dismissed the criminal charges. The defense attorney initially argued that the rapist was military personnel and, as such, was immune from prosecution. Alicia did a very good job of rebutting that argument by showing that since contractors are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice like actual military personnel, they don’t fall into the same category. When that argument failed, the defense argued that by the time the attack occurred, the rapist was no longer a civilian contractor; he was an active duty reserve officer because he’d received new orders 15 minutes after the captain alleged the attempted rape occurred. Alicia tried to argue that the attack began when the rapist started harassing Captain Hellinger in the bar, but the defense was able to successfully rebut that argument with a text message the Captain sent to a friend. Ultimately, the judge reluctantly ruled in favor of the defense based on case precedent. Read More...


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