The Simpsons Season 24 Review “Adventures in Baby Getting”

The Simpsons has been running out of steam for years now, and "Adventures in Baby Getting" not only confirms that by being, in general, the sound of a balloon deflating for twenty-two minutes, but also by referencing its own past several times throughout the episode. We see the corpses of the first-incarnation Simpson family buried underneath their house (in what was maybe the funniest joke in the episode), Bart complains that he’s running out of ideas for the chalkboard gag, and Moe forces us to remember what is generally considered one of, if not the best episode in the history of the series, "Marge vs. the Monorail," when he references a "runaway monorail" as an example of a previous Springfield catastrophe. It’s just unkind, to make us compare this episode to that one. Read More...


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