The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Killer Within”

After last week’s very different installment of The Walking Dead introduced us to The Governor and the idyllic town of Woodbury, tonight’s episode "Killer Within" got us back to the group at the prison. A mysterious opening scene with a shadowy figure placing animal entrails and organs on the ground set the table for what turned out to be a very intense and especially moving episode.

We finally go back to the group after not seeing them last week, and it appears that we’re picking up right after the events of the second episode. They’re still barricading the prison with vehicles, and they’re planning on burning the bodies of the walkers that inhabited the prison yard in episode one. Axel and Oscar, the two prisoners that were shut in their own cell block back in episode two, show back up and ask to be added to the group. I was glad to see Rick stand firm and ignore their impassioned plea, and everybody in the group seemed to agree with him…except for T-Dog! T-Dog to me is a bit of a joke, as he’s had so little to do on this show that it’s almost laughable, so as soon as they were giving him a substantial opinion it wasn’t a surprise at all when he got bit. The same thing happened with Dale last season in "Judge, Jury, and Executioner", where he got way more screen time than ever right before he died. It’s a little sad that we’re seeing somebody who’s been with the show all series long finally croak, but at least he was able to go out a hero in an attempt to save Carol’s life. Read More...


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