Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “Tallahassee” – Emma + Hook = Hemma?

Thanks to "Tallahassee," this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, I have a new favorite pairing! Yep, my instincts about Emma and Hook were totally right. They would be ridiculously hot together…if only she didn’t have the motherload of all trust issues. I’m afraid that instead of a lover, she earned herself another enemy.

Not that Hook was totally trustworthy, but if he was telling the truth about giving his allegiance to whoever could get him to Storybrooke, then it’s a shame Emma left him handcuffed in the Giant’s treasure room while she gave herself a ten hour head start on finding Cora and the magic ashes. Maybe there’s a slight chance that he might understand why she did it, but Hook’s not really the forgiving type, is he? I doubt it will matter to him that Emma can’t trust men because Henry’s father let her go to jail for his crimes. Read More...



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