Revenge Season 2 Review “Illusion” – Wedding Bell Blues

It is just me or are we starting to need a Mason Treadwell-esque corkboard to keep track of the double-dealings on Revenge? In this week’s episode, "Illusion," Emily and Aiden framed Conrad for the murder of the White Haired Man, hoping to catch Mason Treadwell in the same trap, but their efforts might have ended up giving Mason the key to Emily’s true identity.

Although he was placated by the story Amanda fed him about how she’d had her scar removed, all it took was one little off-hand comment from Victoria about Emily having been in juvenile detention for Mason to have possibly figured out the biggest secret on the show. I guess this means that Amanda’s going to have to put down her baby long enough to take care of this little problem. The man might as well have a target on his back. Read More...


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