Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “Bob Fires the Kids”

Bob finally made good on his threat to fire the kids in tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, but it didn’t happen quite the way I would have expected. "Bob Fires the Kids" didn’t feature Bob finally firing Tina, Gene, and Louise because they were terrible, but because he wanted them to have a better childhoodthan the one he did.

Bob’s sad box of toys reminded me of a similar scene in Amélie, although unlike the childhood reverie that Mr. Bretodeau’s tin of toys sparked, Bob’s box of secret toys caused him to recall a much more bleakchildhood. Bob’s youth was spent working in his father’s restaurant playing with a brillo pad, a dog shaped bar of soap, and a grill spatula while being repeatedly told to get back to work. Remarkably, Bob had never previously considered the possibility that he might have had a rotten childhood. Read More...


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