The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Review “Get Your Sexy On”

In the sixth leg of the race, the teams left behind dusty, sweltering Bangladesh and headed for Istanbul, Turkey. This kind of journey is an equalizer; multiple teams end up on the same flight, erasing any lead that a team may have had.

At the travel agency, the race took an unexpected turn. Until this point, I had been rooting for the twins, Nadiya and Natalie. They consistently have positive attitudes and provide the comic relief. However, they crossed a line, and I can’t stand behind them no more. In the travel agency, Abba and James, Abbie and Ryan, Lexi and Trey, and the twins were all trying to book their flights. During the flurry of activity, Abba set down $100 in cash on the desk and stepped away. Seeing the money, the twins snatched it up and decided to keep it. Lexi and Trey saw them take the money and eventually split it with them. Read  More...


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