Downton Abbey Finale - Thomas Barrow Not Out

Julian Fellowes had his work cut out in the final 90 minutes of this series, with eight sprawling story lines to tie up neatly with a gigantic Christmas-ready bow.

Instead, he threw the gauntlet down with a brand new character, in the form of great-niece Rose, an 18-year-old upstart who "hates London, but loves dancing". Hmmm.

The Dowager’s advice on how to treat the little smart Alec-lette was “keep smiling and never look as if you disapprove" - but that was before Rose announced she was off to the metropolis she claimed to despise, and then did a bunk to that den of iniquity, the Blue Dragon, or “the outer circle of Dante’s inferno” as Matthew Crawley would have it. Read More...


Medium 1371447244 phillis wheatley
Nov 10, 2012 5:18AM EST
Thomas needed to be changed and it is time for O'Brien to come down as well . Edith is becoming one of my favorites Mary is too much like her Pa pa .
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