Family Guy Review: No Cure for Cancer

This week’s Family Guy, "The Old Man and the Big 'C'" had plenty going for it in theory: goofy moments, some funny lines and a selection of amusing cutaways, but it left me questioning the way episodes like these tend to be structured.

The setup has been seen before. It starts with a subplot that sets up the episode, but then abandons it entirely in order to deal with the main plot. It’s just that the connection seen here was entirely tangential and had very little to do with each other: there just needed to be some excuse to get to the hospital, and and then the whole cancer affair kicked off. The Quagmire plot of him losing his hair wasn’t returned to at all, it could have been edited out entirely and the cure for cancer plot would have been unaffected. Heck, it would have been possible to substitute in any other episode where a character winds up at the hospital and the rest would still work. It just seems like lazy writing to tell the story that actually was going to be told. Read More...


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