Boardwalk Empire Recap: We’ve Said Our Good-byes Already

It’s no secret that Boardwalk Empire has a lot of secondary characters: so many, in fact, that it often takes several screen hours for the writers to follow up on promising threads introduced in any given episode. By now, HBO viewers know how patience can be a virtue — though it has sometimes felt as though the Boardwalk Empire writers have overindulged themselves in the luxury of our willingness to await the payoff (almost to a point of narrative indolence).

That’s all a wind-up for saying that, had you been on the fence about whether to continue on with Boardwalk Empire and its many, many (many) dangling narrative threads, I suspect this episode won your affections for at least the balance of this season. Payoff was everywhere: from the major characters who have seemed stranded so far this season (think of Muller/Van Alden’s apoplectic steam-iron-to-the-face revenge against the world that’s been treating him like a schmuck), all the way down to minor, more recent guest stars (that it was Means who navigated Nucky into the private club with Secretary Andrew Mellon was very satisfying, especially since the plan was hatched in sight of Esther Randolph). And we haven’t even discussed the terrorist bombing that claimed innocent lives and closed the episode …


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