The Walking Dead Recap: Things No Child Should Have to Bear

Should we start chronologically or with Carl? Because really, that kid is all that I have on my mind right now. I know I’ve been hard on him in the past but it’s actually a good thing that, in his world, all the therapists have been eaten, because otherwise they would’ve taken their own lives trying to help him deal with what he just saw.

This week we said good-bye to one character it’s safe to say we won’t miss and another whom we will now never get a chance to know. In retrospect, T-Dog’s death could’ve been (and probably was, by some) predicted the moment he was given actual dialogue to say at the beginning of the episode. T-Dog has always suffered under different hardships than the rest of that gang — the plight of the postapocalyptic, marginalized, minority character — and out of all the changes The Walking Dead seems intent on making this season, it saddens me that they weren’t ever able get their act together when it came to him. After going along with the gang’s every move, T-Dog suddenly decides to take a stand when it comes to siding with the prisoners Rick sequestered two episodes ago (T-Dog had my vote, by the way, even though I was glad to see a rational discussion taking place where both sides made valid points). Read More...


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