Castle Season 5 Review “The Final Frontier” – Set Phasers on Funny

Words cannot express how much I loved "The Final Frontier," this week’s episode of Castle. What is not to love about a show that starts out with a cameo of Jonathan Frakes (aka Commander Will Riker of the USS Enterprise) playing an uber-Castle fan?? I think I might have squealed. Seriously. You can ask my neighbors.

This was an episode that spoke to fans everywhere. There was a bit of the usual jokes and ribbing that accompanies any episode that involves sci-fi/fantasy geeks, but the writers didn’t leave me feeling as if I had been made fun of for my proclivities. Particularly with Beckett’s speech about why she loved the TV show, Nebula 9, so much, it felt as if the writers were trying to explain fandom to the less informed. That’s one thing a lot of shows, even geek shows like The Big Bang Theory, often fail to do. They just show the costumes and the invented languages and the obsession. They never try to explain where it comes from, whether it’s about someone needing a role model like Beckett or a group of people finding a community in a world that can be so isolating. That is fandom. The costumes are just a bonus. Read More...


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