How I Met Your Mother Review: Dog Days of Autumn

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we had to endure an additional week before tonight's new episode of How I Met Your Mother. My wait was made even longer having waited over three hours to gas up my car tonight. By the first commercial break though, it was clear that "The Autumn of Breakups" was well worth the wait and deserving of some snaps. Maybe even a snap, circle, snap.  

As one of the biggest fans of Marshall and Lily around, the high standard to which I hold their performances up to, has rendered me wont to disappointment for the much of this season.  Tonight though, the power couple finally flexed their comedic clout and returned to top form in what had to be one of the best opening five minutes in the show's history. After witnessing their various slaps and snaps, I thought to myself, somewhere in the world Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather must be bursting with pride. Read More...


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