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'Revolution' Recap: Origins of the Blackout Revealed

Last week, Danny (Graham Rogers) came face-to-face with his mother while Team Charlie took drastic measures to save Nora's (Daniella Alonso) life. In tonight's episode, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) goes to extremes on a new rescue mission.


Charlie's group stumbles upon a community of kids living on their own. The kids are missing a member, Peter, who has been taken by the militia. Charlie says her group will go after Peter and Miles surprisingly supports that decision. But in order to save Peter, Charlie has to go undercover in a conscription facility, also known as a place where kids are turned into militia soldiers.

As with all of their plans, this one does not go well and Charlie has to be rescued along with Peter. In the end, Miles (Billy Burke) and Nora save the day and everyone is brought back safely.



| Nov 13, 2012 10:59PM EST
I have yet to see a plan from Charlie that works and this time was no different. I did enjoy watching how the whole process of turning a child into a soldier works, but this guy that works at DISH with me said that Charlie is never going to get to her brother if she keeps stopping to help random people and I agree. Either way with how much butt Billy Burke kicks in this episode I am still happy to have gotten a chance to watch it at all. I was beyond upset when I realized I forgot to set my DVR to record Revolution last week, but my Brother said his Hopper from DISH automatically records all of NBC’s prime time shows I went over to his house after I left work and it was totally worth it.

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