'Gossip Girl': Everyone Sleeps With Everyone And No One Really Cares

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 6, Episode 4 of The CW's "Gossip Girl," titled "Portrait of a Lady Alexander."

Do you remember that Season 1 episode of "Friends" where Monica slept with a guy who was still in high school, but broke things off because the relationship was "icky"? That episode was called "The One with the Ick Factor," which should be the title of every episode of "Gossip Girl's" final season. It's all so icky.

At this point, I think the Upper East Side may have House Targaryen and House Lannister beaten in the battle for most incestuous group of people on one TV show. For those keeping track, it was revealed this week that Steven has slept with both Lily and Serena, while Nate has slept with both Serena and Steven's obnoxious, painfully wooden daughter Sage. Thus, if Nate and Sage hypothetically got married, and Steven and Serena hypothetically got married, Serena would hypothetically be her ex-boyfriend's mother-in-law, and Lily would be her ex-bonkbuddy's mother-in-law. At this point, Lily might just be mother/stepmother/mother-in-law/adopted mother to the whole of Manhattan, but whatever. Read More...



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