How I Met Your Mother Recap: Man’s Best Friend

How did it take this long for HIMYM to come up with the idea of having a dog play Barney’s wingman? Perhaps it’s a cheap joke, but only to those who don’t find canine actors to be supremely delightful, especially those that wear suits. It’s a shame that having a pet as a character puts such a practical and financial strain on a series (this is why Marcel the monkey didn’t make it very far in Friends), because an actual dog provides a lot more leeway for Barney’s played-out jokes: "He buries his bones all day" and "the bitches love him" and so on and so forth. It’s fine because he’s just talking about a Scottie/Jack Russell terrier mix (shot in the dark — we don’t know what breed of dog Brover is). Now that NPH seems to be on his own in terms of plotlines, pursuing arcs that don’t really involve his cast mates, a dog would’ve made a great sidekick for a few more episodes. Read More...


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