Gossip Girl Recap: Seriously, Dad, Gross

"It's probably my fault you have a father complex," Lily says to Serena, after taking in the sight of Steven and his adult daughter. Yes and no. The mothers of Gossip Girl are flighty and self-absorbed, but it's the fathers who have left the deepest scars on our Upper East Siders. All the pie in the world can't make up for the fact that Blair's dad left her to be gay in France, Nate lives in the shadow of the tarnished legacy of the Captain, and Serena once spent an entire summer trying to get the attention of the father she never knew — only to regret it when he turned out to be William van der Woodsen, who lied about her mom having cancer, fathered a love child with her aunt, and screamed that she was "a rude, thoughtless little pig" on her voice mail. Oh wait, that last one was his brother. Anyway. Read More...



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