Revolution Recap: I Won’t Grow Up

Another episode of Revolution, another terrible plan by Charlie. Is it fair to call all of Charlie’s plans terrible? Maybe not. She does, after all, succeed a lot of the time. But these instances seem more about dumb luck and convenient last-minute rescues than actual ingenuity. I’m just saying, in a real postapocalyptic world, survival of the fittest would have taken her out a few episodes back. Charlie has the least to offer the group — lacking Miles’s agility, Nora’s explosives training, and Aaron’s intelligence. But alas, Revolution is stubbornly sticking with Charlie, and we all must suffer accordingly. Read More...


| Nov 13, 2012 10:53PM EST
I was beyond upset when I realized I forgot to set my DVR to record Revolution last week, but my Brother said his Hopper from DISH automatically records all of NBC’s prime time shows I went over to his house after I left work and it was totally worth it. The ‘Children of the Corn’ were a nice tool to show us how the Monroe Militia works, but this guy that works at DISH with me pointed out that if Charlie got distracted while looking for her brother one more time, which is becoming pretty regular, we are never going to find out any answers I would have to agree. I have not yet seen a plan from her that works, but at least we are moving forward though. Now that everyone and their mom knows about the pendant it is only a matter of time before they are forced to throw us a bone.

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