'Survivor: Philippines': The most shocking, entertaining and confusing Tribal Council ever?

After one of the most confounding Tribal Councils in the history of "Survivor", our head is spinning around like Linda Blair in the "The Exorcist." Spared only by his Hidden Immunity Idol, Jonathan Penner returned from last week's Tribal Council with a target so firmly on his back it might as well be a tattoo. Could he possibly save himself? Let's see how it all went down... Tribal Council Postmortem Although he really should have known better, Penner is devastated by his alliance's betrayal and confronts Jeff Kent as soon as they return to camp. The anonymous MLB star doesn't make excuses, insisting the "numbers weren't there" and "everyone's too wishy-washy." "They betrayed me -- all bets are off," gripes the vet. "I have no alliances, I have no allegiances...they are all ready to die." (He sure made good on his word at Tribal Council, no?) Reward Challenge The 10 remaining Castaways compete in two...



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