Criminal Minds Review: When the Student is Ready, the Psycopath Will Appear

This week's episode had a few more misdirections than what we're used to seeing.   In the opening scene of "The Apprenticeship", I fully expected to see the teenager (Toby) become victim #1, as he got off of the bus in a bad section of town.  Then, when he revealed himself to the hooker as a virgin, and we see that someone's watching them, I thought for sure that was it for them both.  Never thought for a moment he would prove to be the first UnSub. 

It always seems weird how the team is able to pull all of the pieces together so quickly.  In this week's episode, they were quickly able to determine that it was a two-person UnSub team, that one was teaching the other and they even got their relative ages down correctly.  Still, there's only an hour to get the story told - plus get a baseball game in -  so I guess we just have to, as Morgan would say in a different context entirely: "don't think.  Just feel it". Read More...


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