Nashville Review: Leave It All In Your Rearview Mirror

After last week's introduction of Teddy's ex Peggy, played by Kimberly Williams Paisley, we were left wondering what big secret she and Teddy were hiding. It didn't take long for us to learn what it was.

In "Move It On Over" it turns out that Peggy helped Teddy embezzle, and then return, $2 million when his finances fell on hard times.

Peggy panicked when auditors started sniffing around so Teddy turned to the only person he could think of: Lamar. Lamar is easily the best and worst person to go to about a problem. Yes, he probably has the resources and balls to deal with just about anything. On the other hand he doesn't always wield his power for good. Teddy just made a deal with the devil. Lamar can pretty much make you or break you. Read More...


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