'Survivor: Philippines': Booted Castaway 'still reeling' and 'bitter'

"Survivor: Philippines" saw one of the reality show's most shocking and spirited Tribal Councils Wednesday (Nov. 7), concluding with an angry (and sort of hilarious) rant by eliminee Jeff Kent. And the pro baseball star is still fuming, as Zap2it discovered when he chatted with him this morning. How are you feeling now? It turns you into a bitter person for a few days. I'm still reeling from this -- even though I knew it happened because I lived it. I'm still pissed off watching it. How worried were you going into Tribal Council? I was worried. We [were still strategizing] 15 minutes before we had to leave for Tribal Council.... We were just gonna go with the flow, and the flow was Skupin. Lisa started to play the game a little bit, and we were all shocked. What in the heck? While everyone was emptying their dirty laundry, we were all still making plans...



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