The X Factor Recap: But What Is a Movie, Really?

Mario Lopez starts tonight’s show like this: "WelcometoTheXFactorlet’sgo!" And ... then they don’t go. No, they kind of just stand there, telling us things about the show that we already know, like that tonight is going to be the first week when we — the viewers at home! regular folks like you and me! — have the power to vote for our favorites. And without alienating too many readers, let me just say this: Today, I am less pessimistic than usual about what a popular vote might bring. We Americans get it right once in a while, we really do.

But we could still just give the whole thing to Emblem3 right now and throw ourselves a lovely party with the money we’d save.

Anyway. Mario promises a piece of news, which Simon will deliver, and which I wearily say out loud before he has a chance: Diamond White, whom Britney cast off last week, has been brought back to compete. It’s a top thirteen now, instead of a top twelve. Read More...


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