Nashville Recap: Guitar Heroes

This whole "Deacon on the Edge" plot really took me by surprise. In some ways, Deacon seems almost too good to be true: kind, talented, studly, stubbled. Even this week, he was up to his usual Saint Deacon ways — performing that Deaconvention on Juliette’s mom and convincing her to go to rehab, then telling Juliette she didn’t need to sex him up as a thank-you. What a guy.

Okay, I guess there were chinks in the armor: Last week’s immature antics onstage at the country club and this week, spitefully telling Rayna she couldn’t use their song for that beauty product commercial. (Speaking of that commercial: Rayna’s cleavage deserves its own billing at this point, amirite?) Still, I never saw the full meltdown coming. When he pocketed those pills Jolene dropped on the ground before she reluctantly headed to rehab, I didn’t see that as a danger sign, did you? More like Deacon politely cleaning up. Read More...


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