Underemployed Season 1 Review “The Days of Yore”

After complaining about the character’s lack of career focus in last week’s Underemployed, this week everything’s about money. Lou and Raviva don’t have enough to cover the impulse spending, Miles wants the job on Daphne’s tequila ad campaign, and the whole gang learn that work doesn’t always let you duck out early.

I wasn’t sure where the Daphne/Miles living situation would lead, but there’s an awful lot of chemistry between the admittedly easy on the eye actors that the writers would be foolish not to capitalize on. Will they get together eventually? They seem the prime candidates what with Sofia swinging a different way and Lou and Raviva playing happy families, and every show needs a couple we root for. Working together could, of course, throw a huge spanner in there, as they now co-exist in all areas of their lives. Read More...



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