Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Andare Pescare” — Strange, Unusual and Sometimes Unwanted

In ‘Andare Pescare’, the Sons of Anarchy finally catch up with Frankie Diamonds. But Jax’s secret plan to hand him over to Roosevelt in exchange for the name of the rat doesn’t quite go to plan; Frankie’s pissed off one person too many and he finds himself dead, but not before he reveals to Juice that Clay is behind the home invasions and that there’s proof — the legal documents that Clay had them retrieve from his ‘stolen’ safe.

Roosevelt is upset when he learns that Frankie is dead and his plans for vengeance have gone out the window. He even refuses to tell Jax the name of the rat, but Jax has already worked it out for himself: Juice. The episode ends with Jax menacingly following an unsuspecting Juice as he leaves Clay’s cabin.

Tara still hadn’t given up on her quest to make Otto retracts his statements to the feds, this week. Armed with a small bottle of Luann’s perfume, she attempted to use it to get him to cooperate with her. It lead to a strangely saddening scene in which Tara stroked his hair comfortingly while Otto got himself off to her touch and Luann’s perfume. Tara is later able to tell Jax that she thinks Otto will cooperate. Things got a bit strange later on, though, when Tara put a little of the perfume on her wrist and then seemingly began to masturbate. Read More....


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