The Neighbors Season 1 Review “50 Shades of Green” – Sex Education

It’s time to learn more about Zabvronians with The Neighbors! I can finally bring back my list of Zabvronian traits again! However, I’m not very happy that this aptly-named episode, "50 Shades of Green," is about sex. I guess I’m immature in that respect. But I suppose it does make for good comedy. So very quickly, what we learn in this episode is that:

  • Part of Zabrvronian puberty includes back sacs dropping
    Zabvronian intimacy starts in the brain and includes saying compliments and deep truths. It also interferes with Earth electricity.
  • Basically, this episode is another "Let’s learn from each other" episode, but this time, it’s about theintimate times. Debbie is getting bored with her and Marty’s sex life, and becomes irritated with it when she realizes Jackie and Larry’s sex life includes saying compliments and truth-telling. Debbie wants Marty to be more sensitive, but Marty’s not that kind of guy. He’s more of a Fred Flintstone/Honeymooners kind of guy, if you know what I mean. He’s kind of a blockhead when it comes to telling sweet nothings. Heck, he can’t even stand explaining the birds and the bees to his daughter (who should already know about it since she is 16 or 17 years old). When he does try (thanks to some comedic guidance from Larry and a sex-ed video that seems less Zabvronian and more 1950s–and why was it in English?) they don’t get to what Zabvronians consider the climax of the experience, which is sharing and saying the same thought at the same time. Read More...


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