Arrow Season 1 Review “Damaged”

In this week’s episode of Arrow, we got a much better look at exactly how Ollie had been emotionally and physically "Damaged" by his time on the island. We had known for a while that he wasn’t alone on that island, and now we’re seeing exactly what contributed to Oliver Queen becoming the Arrow.

Instead of collecting the meal that the-man-with-the-arrows-who-has-yet-to-be-named sent him out to collect, Ollie got himself kidnapped by an army of masked men led by Edward Fyers. Fyers’ men had been looking for the-man-with-the-arrows-who-has-yet-to-be-named, and had captured Ollie specifically to get information on him. Given Ollie’s weakling state, I was surprised that he didn’t tell Fyers that he had been living with the man on the island, but that was all he knew. Instead, Ollie held his tongue through some awful torture at the hands of a masked man known as Deathstroke. Read More...


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