Katie Cassidy – A Superhero In The Making

It isn’t everyday that I get drawn into a television show, but when I do, I stay committed. My latest devotion is to a certain program about an emerald archer that seems to be making positive waves on The CW. I’ll be the first person to admit that I am not a big CW fan. In fact, the last time I watched the network was when Pluto was still considered to be a planet. However, it seems they’ve finally garnered my attention again with Arrow and a supporting cast member that many consider CW royalty.

After appearing in a string of other shows on the network, Katie Cassidy is making quite a damn splash as Green Arrow’s resident love interest — and I couldn’t be happier. As Dinah Laurel Lance, whom comic book nerds (such as myself) may recognize as the alter ego of the alluring Black Canary, Cassidy manages to add a bit more intrigue and depth to a show that is actually already filled with so much. But what is it about Cassidy that makes her such a perfect fit as Laurel? Is it because she’s a formidable actress? Perhaps it’s her gorgeous looks. Or maybe it’s the solid chemistry she seems to have with the program’s leading man, Stephen Amell. Read More...



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