Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “Portrait of a Lady Alexander” – Parents Just Don’t Tell the Truth

If sleeping around was a champion sport like horse racing, the denziens of the Upper East Side would beblue ribbon winners, each and every one of them. In this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, "Portrait of a Lady Alexander," via various contrivances, everyone who mattered ended up at a horse show never before mentioned, only to discover that they had all slept with each other at some point.

And, no, I didn’t forget that Dan, Georgina, Rufus and Ivy weren’t at the horse show; they just really don’t matter anymore, do they? Rufus has always been boring and all I can say for him is that he’s at least been true to himself for six years. Having an affair with Ivy while somehow totally missing the fact that she’s using him for some plot against Lily does not make him interesting. Read More...



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