Last Resort Season 1 Review “Another Fine Navy Day”

After getting preempted by the Country Music Awards last week, I was really thankful for the "Previously on…" recap at the beginning of tonight’s episode "Another Fine Navy Day". Last Resort always has a lot of ongoing story lines, and a lot of balls up in the air at once, so it was good to be quickly caught up on where we’ve left the crew of the Colorado.

However, the very first scene really threw me for a loop! I kept thinking that maybe I had missed something, or that we had left the show two weeks ago in a big cliffhanger. Sam stumbles into the main town, bloodied and discombobulated, and finds about 100 people all passed out by the bank. He finds Julian running around, gets hit by a taser, then we get the big reveal: This is a flash forward, and the chemical attack hasn’t happened yet. Read More...


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