Scandal Season 2 Review “All Roads Lead to Fitz”

This episode of Scandal left me feeling conflicted. On the one hand, it was a solid hour of television. We got a few questions answered. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cy put Mellie in her place. And we see that Olivia is still trying to figure out how to get over Fitz. But on the other hand, I really, REALLY don’t like it when the bad guy gets away.

A few thoughts on "All Roads Lead to Fitz":

The case of the week involved Maryland Governor Reston who shot an intruder while the intruder was raping the governor’s wife. During the course of their investigation, Olivia and Co. discovered that Mrs. Reston was actually having an affair with the intruder who was actually a contractor working for the Restons. Her husband burst in on them; she cried rape and watched as her husband shot her lover. David eventually found out about the affair, and showed up at Olivia’s office to arrest Governor Reston for murder. His wife decided to come forward and tell the truth, so David arrested her instead. The only thing is, it wasn’t really the truth. Reston knew all along that his wife was having an affair, and he used Olivia to get away with murdering his wife’s lover. The trip about it is that he felt totally justified in doing so because, in his mind, Olivia had cost him everything. Apparently, during the campaign Governor Reston was way ahead of Fitz in the polls until Olivia took over Fitz’s campaign. According to Reston, Olivia lost him the election by convincing voters that he was soft on crime despite the fact she knew it wasn’t true. Governor Reston’s right hand (wo)man never got over what Olivia did, and apparently neither did the governor. He was stuck in the past and kept reliving his loss over and over again. It would be tragic if he weren’t such a cold, calculating murderer. Read More...


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