The Office Season 9 Review “The Boat”

On this week’s "The Office," Andy and Erin were on "The Boat"- or at least Andy was, after he gave Erin the boot. Odd that after Andy handled such an emotional tumultuous situation so well that even Jim took admiring note of it, that he should be so clueless about his own girlfriend issues. It seems that his dad ran off, leaving his mom for another woman and it was up to Andy to manage the fallout, and surprisingly, he rose to the occasion.

Or as he not-so-eloquently put it, in pure Andy-fashion: "Are the ‘nards hurtin’? Yeah, you bet. Got kicked pretty hard. Family shattered- super sad, but…kinda crushing it in the damage control department, so that’s cool. Wish my dad could see me now. Of course, he caused this whole mess, so f_ _ _ him." It was a nice bit of acting from the underrated Helms- funny yet poignant. Well played, sir.

As Andy scrambled to sell off as much as he could to make sure his mom was taken care of, he lamented the loss of his father’s boat, which he always wanted to take sailing on his own. Erin, supportive to a fault as always, suggested he do just that, accompanying him out there for his last hurrah, only to be abandoned at portside when Andy’s brother made a drunken appearance. She ended up going off with office mate Pete, which does not bode well for her and Andy’s future. Then again, if you’re going to be this oblivious of your own girlfriend, you can’t really blame her for moving on. Erin deserves better. (And how sad was that look on her face when she tried to cheer him up with the fake teeth? Big sigh.) Read More...


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