Elementary Season 1 “Flight Risk” Review – Watson… A Detective?

It was another great episode for Elementary this week, and fans of the Holmes cannon will readily welcome the introduction (even in passing) of the mythical "Irene". But first things first.

"Flight Risk" was the story of a plane crash used to cover up a murder that took place on the flight. Using his massive skills of deduction, Sherlock discovers that one of the victims of the crash was actually murdered, and the crash was staged as a cover up. It wasn’t the first time that the case took back burner to a more important story in Elementary – the characters.

Unlike last week when Watson was front and center in the spotlight, Sherlock is now on the spot and has to explain his absent father to Watson and why she received an invitation to dinner to meet Daddy Holmes. Sherlock is adamant that he will not attend dinner with his father, claiming that he was nothing but a let down for his entire life. Oh, and why should he (Sherlock) bother showing up when his father would inevitably be a no show? Read More...



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