Person of Interest Season 2 Review “The High Road”

This week’s episode of Person of Interest brought things down to a personal level and exploredrelationships from the past and present. For Finch, we were given a look back at the first time he saw Grace, who will eventually become his fiancée. Reese found himself role playing husband and wife with Zoe in the suburbs. And for the person of interest, it was a collision between the criminal past he left behind, and his present life with a loving wife and child.

The layers of relationships are something that the show has touched upon previously, but it was nice to delve a little deeper. In the flashbacks, Finch is just starting to use the Machine and sits in the parkmuttering to himself like a crazy person, while he watches everyone else pass him by. When the Machine brings up an image of Grace, it shocks Finch to his core for some reason. Grace promises to be the person that will bring Finch out of himself and into the world, which will make his retreat away from society more heartbreaking. There is much more to be revealed, and hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long. The ending scene with Finch walking up to Grace with a look of confidence was a pivotal moment for his character. Read More...


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