Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Saturn Returns” — The Show Finally Hits Its Stride

Ignoring the obvious — and irritating — parallels (a doctor, a woman whose parents were murdered) between the case and Cat/Vincent’s situation, I really enjoyed this episode of Beauty and the Beast. ‘Saturn Returns’ saw Cat attempting to celebrate her birthday with Vincent and being thwarted by her sister’s surprise birthday party — and a kiss with Evan.

The case this week was interesting, not so much for its originality (is there anything left to be original in procedural-type shows anymore?), but for the way it integrated Vincent. Instead of the haphazard ‘Vincent guesses/hears/sees something because he just so happens to be in the area’ of the past four episodes, this time Vincent’s help was unintentional — something he said about an escape plan and a ‘safe haven’, together with their prior attempts at covertly contacting each other, gave Cat the mental kickstart she needed to solve the case. Read More...


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