Fringe Season 5 Review “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”

This week, on World’s Worst Scavenger Hunt, Fringe proved once again that they can create really interesting episodes out of simple exploration of a new place. Though many may have clamored for more Peter the Observer action, I was perfectly content to hang out in the pocket universe with Cecil and his never ending water fountain. Granted, it’s a full-fledged killing time episode in an series that is rapidly drawing to a close. Some people will take issue with this type of slow episode that followed last week’s episode that also failed to move the plot forward significantly. While not serving the larger narrative in a final season is problematic, I enjoyed sitting back and going through the Walter’s Pocket Universe Walking Tour. It was an engrossing trip that featured some cool visual benders and a fairly harrowing escape from the Observers. We are not any closer to discovering our plan to defeat the Observers, but the lack of a forward moving plot does not damage the execution of the episode, just the decision to have this episode during the final run of the show in the first place. You can quibble with the latter, but not the former. Read More...


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