CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Clue: SI”

This was one of those episodes you see that you can’t believe no one thought of before now- if in fact, they have and I just missed it somehow. For this episode, "CSI: NY" became "Clue: SI." As in, of course, the classic board game of the same name. (Okay, there was that movie they did back in the day, but the less said about that the better- save that I liked the whole multi-ending thing.)

We started out with the death of a ballerina by hanging. As it turned out, she had already been strangled before she was strung up over the stage, leading the gang to first suspect the understudy, a la "All About Eve," only with a "Black Swan" twist. However, after the understudy and the people working there were cleared, the trail ran cold. Read More...



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