Merlin Series 5 Review “The Dark Tower” — An Impenetrable Forest and a Burning Boat

It’s hard to review Merlin without referring back to the magic reveal that just will not happen. Week after week we tune in waiting for Merlin to reveal all, allowing himself to use his powers whenever he deems necessary. ‘The Dark Tower’ was one of those episodes where Merlin’s abilities could have changed everything, if he would just use them.

This week saw Morgana kidnap Gwen and imprison her in a tower. She lets Arthur know where Gwen is by means of visions given to an injured Leon and Percival. I’m actually amazed that Merlin bothered to tell Arthur that he and Gaius suspected Morgana — in the past they’ve usually hidden that information with dire results. Character growth? Perhaps. Read More...


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Dec 5, 2012 4:57PM EST

When? WHEN! When I ask, when will there be AT LEAST a FEW! Episodes in which totally ANNOYING Morgana will NOT appear. I know she plays a major role in Merlins life...but PLEASE enough is enough! This person has gone far BEYOND being tolerated in a weekly series. There comes a time where all one can do is *sigh* annoyed VERY loadly .."Oh Come on! Not HER again!"... whenever she appears in an episode. Please my dear fellow Merlin writers and you REALLY want to start losing your audience by the 10s and hundreds? Give this ANNOYING Morgana a rest...We do NOT ask to kill her,but to..uhm..send her on a vacation..for would be a TOTAL relief!

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