Hunted Season 1 Review “Kismet”

I’ve made no secret of my confusion with Hunted so far, but have kept an open mind taking into account what early days it was. After episode four, ‘Kismet’, my attitude is thawing out a little, even if the series’protagonist is paying us no such favors.

Things kick into gear a little this week, with Hunter using all the tools in her arsenal to complete the mission/exact her revenge. There’s seduction, explosions, and a squeamish-inducing attack to the eyeballs, but there’s still nothing in the way of character development. This is a major problem come episode four, as I’m still having trouble keeping everyone straight with their individual motives and relationships with one another. Of course, this could be my problem, but a spy drama doesn’t have to be incomprehensible to be called complex. Read More...


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