Family Guy Season 11 Review “Yug Ylimaf/The End Of The World As We Know It” – 200 Episodes Later

In the landmark 200th episode, "Family Guy" went back to the time-travel well yet again- and what do you know, there’s still water in that old well yet. Granted, the episode, cheekily-titled "Yug Ylimaf"- try it backwards & it’ll make more sense- certainly tread familiar ground. Indeed, backwards would be the key word here, as much of the episode took place in reverse- but I’m getting ahead of myself, so to speak.

It all started when Brian got the bright idea to use Stewie’s time machine to get some, as in: "Hey baby, want go back to the house and see my time machine?" It works for a spell, with Brian and a series of hootchies getting it on in various time periods, often at highly inopportune moments, including the assassination of Lincoln (with a guest bit by Muppet critics Statler and Waldorf, one of which was also shot after a typically snarky comment) and the fall of the Hindenburg- "Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, there’s a dog having sex with a woman…oh, the humanity!" Read More...


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