The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Anatomy of a Joke”

This week’s The Good Wife was decent but the only major plot point that got any real movement was the firm’s bankruptcy. I guess that’s ok for now.

A few thoughts on "Anatomy of a Joke":

The case of the week involved a shock comic who exposed her breasts on live tv under the guise of promoting breast cancer awareness. The truth of the matter is that she had a book coming out in a couple of months and she was trying to drum up controversy so people would buy her book. She of course didn’t admit that, but it’s fairly obvious that’s what she was doing. The attorneys for the network sued the comic for $2 million dollars claiming that she violated their standards and practices. She couldn’t afford to pay it, but the network said they would drop their suit if she personally went to Washington, D.C. and helped them swing 3 FCC commissioner votes in their favor. So, off Alicia and Carey went to DC. Suffice it to say, she wasn’t an easy client. She continually went off script and made things go from bad to worse by making a really off-color joke about 9/11 to one of the commissioners. The last commissioner they spoke with (who actually tried to cancel on them) wanted her to sign a pledge that she would no longer be vulgar on tv, but she refused. Ultimately, Will and Alicia were able to successfully argue that the case should be dismissed because the network suffered no actual damages. Read More...


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