'The Vampire Diaries' secret hero: Let's talk about Tyler [SPOILERS]

Following tonight's "Vampire Diaries" episode, I'm sure most of the fans are going to be discussing Elena's big moves, her fight with Stefan, and Damon's confession that he loves her as much as a vampire as he did when she was a human. I posted some fantastic insight about them from executive producer Julie Plec, but now in lieu of my regular recap, I want to talk about this season's unsung hero: Tyler Lockwood.It's no secret that Tyler is one of my favorite characters. He'd developed from a narcissistic overcompensator with daddy issues and a quick temper to a reliable, strong, trustworthy member of the team. In the second episode of the season, he took a shower of bullets to protect his friends, and his act of bravery was barely acknowledged by the rest of the gang. And while we've all been assuming for two weeks that Tyler hooked up with Hayley in the woods,...



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