'Glee' - 'The Role You Were Born to Play': Finn Hudson, leader?

The question with "Glee" is often this: Can the strength of the musical performances and the occasional deep insight into what it feels like to be an outcast can overcome the maddeningly inconsisent characterization, frequent meanness and haphazard plotting?The answer with "The Role You Were Born to Play" on Thursday (Nov. 8): No.The way the show has handled Unique's story has largely been very strong -- when was the last time you saw a transgender character play a sizable role on a broadcast network series? -- and the scenes with her and Finn in this episode followed suit. But then there were the scenes with Sue.PICS: 'Glee' Season 4Look, we've made peace with the fact that Sue's ire is going to land wherever that week's script needs it to land. But her lashing out at Unique here felt especially arbitrary, not to mention more than a little cruel. Even accepting that Sue's tolerance ends at...



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