The Big Bang Theory Review: Long Island Iced Tea Therapy Session

When I first turned on the show tonight, I thought it was a re-run of the  "Fun with Flags" episode, but no, Sheldon's web series was brought back for another edition, Star Trek style!

The previous Wil Wheaton appearances on The Big Bang Theory have been both hit and miss. On tonight's "The Habitation Configuration," his inclusion was well-crafted and provided for plenty of laughs.

It's been quite a while since Sheldon and Amy had a real disagreement or had to deal with a relationship issue. It finally happened when Sheldon sided with his friend, Wil, over his girlfriend. There's been much discussion in the comments about whether Sheldon should grow or remain the same. While I don't want him to lose the uniqueness of his character, I also don't want him to remain stagnant. Read More...


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