Parks and Recreation Recap: The Parent Trap

As Ben and Leslie make the rounds spreading word of their engagement to their nearest and dearest, Sodapop reacts like so: "The joy that I’m feeling right now is profound and unmatched in the modern era." To this I say: Sodapop, you speak for us all. I’m still so happy about these two crazy kids getting hitched, I may or may not be musicalizing it in my head right now ("uhhh-huh you know what it is benandleslie benandleslie benandleslie benandleslie"). Sodapop spent all of last night’s episode speaking for us all. But more on that later!

The Wyatt Riot
In a perfect world, all marriages would be variations on a theme, and that theme would be Coach and Tami Taylor. Alas, we live in a flawed universe, and it is in this less-than-ideal place where we meet Ben’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt hate each other more than not-president Mittens hates 47 percent of Americans. (Too soon? Too late? I don’t even know anymore.) Read More...


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