Jersey Shore Recap: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Butt Pad

Well, this week picked up a little bit, no? SOME things happened. Deena's mom and her exquisite bangs visited. Snooki shoplifted. Pauly made a funny joke about being married to a hot dog. The girls thought they killed an old lady until she started B-boying like Gucci Crew II. All in all, an eventful week.

Maybe the biggest news is that Mike is already looking to ditch Paula, even though Jenni swears she almost heard him drop the L-bomb. (Although, it's the shore house, where "the L-bomb" is more likely to be a brand of a fumigant that kills pubic lice.) So does he love her, or is he a weird stunted lunkhead with terribly antiquated views about acceptable female behavior? I don't know — ask him about it when you call to donate to the Restore the Shore telethon. I think if you give enough money you can really get some things off your chest. Read More...


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